FLW Fantasy Fishing is the only bass-fishing fantasy game that gives you the opportunity to win thousands of dollars in cash and prizes… for FREE! Players manage a team of 10 Walmart FLW Tour anglers against a $200 salary cap while picking anglers with the best chance of bringing the five biggest bass to the scales each day. Scoring is based on the performance of your team each day of the tournament. Bonus points are earned by any anglers on your team finishing in the top 10. Players can join or create a league at any time throughout the season. Players have a chance at more than $7,000 in cash and prizes at each Walmart FLW Tour event, as well as an overall $10,000 Grand Prize winner at the end of the season. For Leagues that feature 10 or more teams, the winning player from each league will receive a hard bait or bait pack.



  • Registration/Creating a Team: To enter, participants must log on and register at FantasyFishing.com. FLW Members receive “Members Advantage” access to Fantasy Trends, Lake Matchups, Pundits Picks, and more. To participate, follow the instructions to create and manage a team of 10 Walmart FLW Tour professional anglers against a $200 dollar salary cap while picking anglers with the best chance at scoring the most points in each tournament, with bonus points rewarded for any angler on your team that makes the top 10.
  • Setting your Team: Participants will select 10 anglers to make up a team for each Walmart FLW Tour event. The team must be selected/changed by 11:59 p.m. ET the day before each tournament begins. An angler’s value will rise and fall throughout the season based on recent performance and past history and will vary for each event. Players can add or remove anglers at their discretion as long the total roster value stays at or under the $200 cap for each Tournament. A player will earn points each tournament as described below based on the performance of the anglers on their team for that Tournament. Player’s rosters will not carry over event-to-event, and Fantasy Fishing players must select a new team for each event in which they would like to participate.
  • Join or Create a League: Leagues can be established by anyone at any time throughout the Season. Follow the instructions for creating a league at http://Fantasyfishing.com. You can also search for and join any public League. There is no minimum or maximum number of teams that may participate in a given League, but a League will only be “prize-eligible” if it contains 10 or more players. Create and/or join as many leagues as you like – a player’s 10 angler roster will be used for all of your leagues.



  • Season Scoring: All six regular-season Walmart FLW Tour events as well as the Forrest Wood Cup will be scored according to the factors below. Participants can earn points toward the 2016 Fantasy Fishing Angler of the Year, during the seven Tournaments, but each Tournament will be scored individually.
  • Tournament Scoring: There are two tiers for FLW Fantasy Fishing points: 2016 FLW Angler of the Year points and Top-10 bonus points. Points are recalculated each day of the tournament. FLW Fantasy Fishing players will notice this in the Real-Time Scoring section during the weigh-in on FLW Live, as they see their points change with every new weight. Official points are awarded based on the final standings from each tournament. Players will not have to select specific placement within the top 10. You simply choose 10 anglers and keep your roster value under the $200 salary cap.
  • FLW Tour Angler of the Year Points: Anglers earn points for their finish in each of the six Walmart FLW Tour events, plus the Forrest Wood Cup. An angler who finishes an FLW Tour event in first place receives 200 points. A second-place finish yields 199 points, a third-place finish earns 198 points, and so on. Fantasy participants earn the same number of points the angler earns.
  • Top 10 Points: Each selected Angler that finishes the tournament in the top 10 earns 100 points in addition to AOY points.


  • Tournament Prizes: 50 tournament prizes will be given to the 50 top-scoring teams from each of the six regular season Walmart FLW Tour events, as well as the Forrest Wood Cup.
    1st: $5,000 Cash
    2nd: $1,000 Cash
    3rd: $500 Cash
    4th: $250 Cash
    5th: $100 Cash
    6th-10th: $50 ShopFLW Gift Card
    11th-20th: FLW Hat & Bait
    21st-50th: FLW Hat

  • 2016 Fantasy Fishing Season Angler of the Year (Cumulative score over seven events)
    1st: $10,000
    2nd: $2,000
    3rd: $1,000
    4th: $500
    5th: $200
    6th-10th: $100


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