Why does the video player just say "Loading" or "The video is currently unavailable" all the time?

If you've tried playing the video and continue to see "Loading" or "The video is currently unavailable", the video at the event may not have yet been started or there is inclement weather causing the video to be shut down. Please try clicking play again or refresh the page in a few minutes.

Why latest version of Flash Player doesn't display video?

Poor video quality

You may experience poor video performance using Adobe Flash Player if you have low network bandwidth or lower than recommended hardware requirements. Try to free as much network bandwidth as possible. For more information, please click here.

Why do interruptions, or “hiccups,” sometimes occur when I watch a video stream?

Given the complexity of the Internet, it’s not unusual for short-lived problems to crop up somewhere in the system. Try connecting again in a minute or two and see if the problem continues. If the problem can be consistently reproduced, continue troubleshooting using the information following information.

Is my Internet connection sufficient?

Modem users will not be able to view the video. Most high speed connections (Cable, DSL) will allow you to watch the video stream.

Is my Internet Sevice Provider OK?

ISPS, short for Internet Service Providers, periodically perform maintenance or troubleshoot their equipment, which can cause connection problems. ISPs are not perfect, nor do they know everything all the time. If you’re having trouble and can’t determine why, you may want to contact your ISP and report the problems you’re experiencing.

Where do I get the most current software for watching video?


Is my computer fast enough?

Lack of memory or a slow processor can cause video to stutter or not play at all. Try closing other programs while viewing our video. If it is older, your computer may simply be too slow to play the stream.

Why video player does not show even though I have latest Flash Player installed?

Please clear your temporary internet files as the cache in your browser could be corrupted or outdated
For Internet Explorer: Tools(Top menu) --> Internet Options --> General (tab) --> Click Delete --> Check Temporary Internet Files --> Click Delete --> Click OK (twice) to exit. Then refresh the page.
For Firefox: Click on Tools (Top menu) --> Clear Recent History --> Check Cache --> Click Clear Now. Then, refresh the page.

Why does the stream continuously buffer?

The player needs a certain amount of video buffered into memory before it can play. If it doesn't have enough network bandwidth to buffer as much as it needs to, the player will keep trying but never succeed at playing the video stream. Issues that could keep you from having enough bandwidth for buffering include: a slow network connection (such as a dial-up modem) too many services or applications using your local network (e.g., watching video while downloading files and surfing the Internet) too many people using the local network If you have previously played the stream successfully but are currently experiencing problems, try clearing the history and cache in your browser.

Why video player still doesn't play the video while live weigh-in is activated?

Try reset your browser to default settings and allow medium security settings.

Addtional resources to troubleshoot Flash Player installation: