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A fantasy game like you’ve never played before

By Jeff Schroeder - Tuesday, Dec. 4, 2007, 2:31 PM

Welcome to FantasyFishing.com, your site for the newest, most-rewarding game in fantasy sports.

First, a simple question: If, right now, somebody walked into the room asked you to put your name in a hat for a chance to win a million dollars, would you do it? Of course you would. And by signing up for this game, for all intents and purposes, you did.

But I know what you’re thinking: What’s the catch?

With FLW Fantasy Fishing, there is no catch – except those of the fishy variety made by the anglers you pick. This game is that simple: You sign up, pick 10 anglers, and you could be well on your way to winning a million dollars or more.

Here’s the deal: We’re giving away $100,000 to the top fantasy player for each of the Wal-Mart FLW tournaments in 2008. That’s seven tournaments – six regular-season events plus the yearend Forrest Wood Cup – and, thus, seven $100,000 fantasy winners.

But here’s the coup de grace: In addition to those prizes, the overall cumulative points winner at the end of the season will win $1 million. That’s right: $1 million, in cash – all just for signing up and picking a few anglers.

And the real kicker? This game is absolutely free to play. There are no entry fees, no hidden charges and no marketing scams involved. All you do is pick your anglers for the upcoming tournament.

Folks, we’re tooting our own horn here, but this truly is the most rewarding fantasy-sports game ever created. Lots of fantasy games like to claim they have the richest paybacks out there, but they don’t. In FLW Fantasy Fishing, there is a guaranteed $1.7 million in cash ready for you to claim. Look around, you won’t find any other fantasy game offering that kind of booty, not even in high-profile fantasy games like football, baseball or racing. Sure, a few others offer prizes worth a few thousand dollars or even the odd one here or there coughing up a top prize of a hundred grand, but they’ll also charge you up to a hundred bucks just to play. To be clear, nobody, besides FLW Fantasy Fishing, offers seven guaranteed $100,000 prizes, and it goes without saying that our guaranteed yearend $1 million winner will be the first of its kind in all of fantasy sports.

And, to repeat: It costs you absolutely nothing to play.

Right now I hear some of you wondering: So what gives with this fantasy-fishing thing? People fish competitively for money?

Long story short: Yes, tournament fishing is big business. The Wal-Mart FLW Tour is the elite level, the pro tour, of competitive bass fishing. It’s akin to golf’s PGA Tour, and it doles out millions of dollars in winnings to the world’s best anglers who fish the tour professionally. Tournament winners take home checks worth hundreds of thousands of dollars, and last year’s winner of the Forrest Wood Cup, which is the tour championship, won a cool $1 million. It’s highly competitive, and the anglers who compete on tour are the sport’s elite.

Now, I hear others saying: But I don’t know anything about fishing. I’m a big fan of football/baseball/racing/name your sport, so that’s why I play those fantasy games. Why would I want to play fantasy fishing?

Think of it this way: It’s like playing the Powerball, except with educated picks. The odds of winning the Powerball is about 1 in 146 million. That doesn’t change no matter which numbers you pick. In FLW Fantasy Fishing, not only are the odds of winning much higher, but you increase your chance of winning exponentially by the amount of knowledge you have about your anglers and the tournaments. Sure, you can pick your 10 anglers at random, but not all anglers are created equally, and neither are the tournament venues. So there is a lot of skill involved, on both the tournament pros’ part and yours, the fantasy players’. In FLW Fantasy Fishing, an educated pick is a better pick. And that’s where the Player’s Advantage option comes in extremely handy.

Another way to look at it, especially if you’re already a fan of professional fishing: FLW Fantasy Fishing is just fun. Like in other sports, the fantasy element enhances the spectator aspect of tournament fishing. Watch a weigh-in and root for your anglers. And it certainly doesn’t hurt that those anglers might help you win a million dollars.

And it’s not just winners who will be rewarded. FLW Fantasy Fishing offers big-dollar prizes like Chevy vehicles, Ranger boats, Wal-Mart gift cards, US Bank Visa gift cards, U.S. Savings Bonds, BP fuel gift cards and much more to the top players for every tournament.

Don’t forget, at FantasyFishing.com we’re also giving you a platform to create your own leagues so you can play against your family, friends and co-workers and take their money, too, if that’s what you choose. And guess what. That’s entirely free, as well. Want to grab a few friends and pick against each other for the entire season? Here you can, and for no charge at all.

So what are you waiting for? Put your name in the hat and pick your anglers. And tell your friends, too. You could be the first million-dollar winner in the history of fantasy sports.

Best of luck,

Jeff Schroeder
Editor, FantasyFishing.com

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